Our success not only lies at our unparalleled network, nearly 20 years of experience and our assessment capabilities. 

Every member of DataExpert family believes and knows that the work we do may have a significant impact on other businesses and people’s career and lives. Knowing this responsibility everyday “We take this responsibility seriously and act on behalf.” 

Thus we furnish our relationship with our clients, candidates and other stakeholders in respect to professionalism, trust, honesty and integrity. 

We classify our working culture under five main principles;


- We work hard to develop trustable and productive working relationships

- We always respect and ensure confidentiality and accuracy of the information we provide

- We aim to work in a fair and competitive marketplace and approach each member of our industry with respect

Honesty and Integrity:

We always defend honesty and integrity at everything we do and provide the best quality of service with highest professionalism and ethical standards.

We always share accurate and valid information and stick to facts even though the results might be unbeneficial for us.

We value our clients’ and candidates’ dependence on us being absolutely honest about our capabilities and competencies, goals of the search, what and how we are going to achieve it. 

Reliability and Confidentiality:

We respect confidential information of both our clients and candidates and work hard to defend the information we have.


- We treat candidates and clients in an objective, equal way to enable fairness of the searches we conduct

- We always operate with transparency in everything we do.

Striving for Business Excellence:

- We have deep knowledge and experience about Search & Selection and we always work hard to improve our competencies, capabilities and share as much as possible with our clients.

- We do our best to achieve sustainable and professional development for our clients.

We pride ourselves in placing our clients’ best interests first in all what we do. We strive for exceptional client satisfaction through the highest level of service.

We are known in the market with our reputation; no matter and under any hard circumstances; we never ever forgive from our service quality.


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