We always put our “Clients” in the center of everything we do.
"Candidates and Clients alike..."

Our Relationship with Clients

1. We don’t depower our clients when we are paying to empower.
Conducting an executive search assignment requires high strategic vision and involvement during the process and defined as a different form of management consulting. Our clients trust us to find the best match for them in order to carry their organizations for future. While doing this we respect the “off-limit” conditions we may have both for the current assignment and past/future asignments. It is high probability that the potential candidate for future asignments we may have is located within our current client’s organization. We don’t approach our clients’ management people and keep the promise we have given “Supporting them to achieve their strategical goals” 

2. We don’t betray a trustworthy relationship.
Our business is based on trust. We don’t find shortcuts and easy ways to overcome issues. We always serve our clients loyally and protect clients’ interest when performing an asignment. We believe that our clients are loyal with us and so do we. We always get our clients’ permission before heading an asignment with their competition.      

3. We don’t provide inaccurate and exaggerated information about the search.
We always provide detailed reports of the search we are conducting and don’t mislead our clients related to market conditions, their reputation in the market and what we have done for the search. We believe that our business is highly integrated with management strategy and our responsibility is not only fulfilling a box within an organization, furthermore we share valuable information which might support our clients’ decisions for future. 

4. We try our best before making a criticism about our clients or the asignment we take.
Conducting an executive search requires well furnished scientific processes as well as personal skills. Sometimes the market conditions and the expectations does not match each other. Rather than dropping the asignment we try to find alternative ways and routes to fulfil our clients’ strategic targets.


Our Relationship with Candidates 

1. We don’t send profiles of our candidates before getting their approval. 
Our candidates are our valuable sources and we know that our business has two sides. We always respect our candidates’ confidential and valuable information as we do for our clients. It is not accepted within DataExpert that the profile of a candidate is send to a potential or current client without any approval of our candidates. 

2. We treat our candidates in a professional and ethical manner. 
We always stand out the crowd with our professional and ethical approach. We always build a trustworthy and ethical relationship with our candidates. 

3. We always support equal opportunity between candidates. 
We always defend equal opportunity rights when conducting an asignment. We believe that personal relationship may vary but professional relationship doesn’t. 

4. We don’t mislead our candidates. 
It is also our duty to consult our candidates. We are aware of this fact and know the importance of our decisions at our candidate’s career paths and even their lives. We always direct and provide correct and valuable information as much as we can during the process of a search. 


Contact Information

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