• Diagnose

    Our client is an international logistics solution provider, ranking in Top 15 globally, operating more than 35 countries and exceeding 5 Bil. $ revenue.

    The company was carrying its operations in the Turkish market through partners and agencies and had limited footprint in the Turkish market.

    The strategy of the company was to improve local business via a sub-branch targeting mainly air and sea freight forwarding. Not only improving local business, the company aimed to carry out regional operations from Turkey as well.  

    In order to achieve this target, DataExpert was asked to search for a “General Manager” who can build-up the operations in turkey and furthermore take over the business of the agency. 

    Partnering with the client, DataExpert defined the qualifications and the job description, aiming a strong “General Manager” candidate, a strong commercial management profile with strong financial backbone. The General Manager had to start the company’s operations from scratch and implement his leadership skills to take over the business and build the team.

  • Implement

    DataExpert extended a deep search within the logistics market and identified qualified candidates for the position. Our partner, engaged at this assignment carried the complete process for the client and presented the opportunity to the potential candidates in a compelling way and able to attract number of possible opportunities for the client.

  • Place

    At the end of the search, the ideal combination of candidates presented to the client. Furthermore our client have received additional information about the complete market condition and the response from the market, which enabled them to structure their Turkey organization in a more organized way. Our partner, carried out the meeting process for the client and candidates, where the contribution of attendance, added value for the meetings.  The client was fully satisfied with the selection process and the strategic support of DataExpert, where the client had difficulties of deciding which candidate to pick. The package was furnished with the counsel of DataExpert where the negotiations carried by DataExpert in a professional way while ensuring a successful placement of this project

  • Confirm

    The total process completed in 8 weeks and the successful candidate was integrated to the client organization by the help of DataExpert. The new General Manager built the organization from scratch and took over the business from the agency successfully. The company started its operations in Turkey built-up a team of 30+ people in its first year and additionally exceeded %15 of its first year commercial target. This assignment proves that, how the right selected candidate can contribute to company’s success.   

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